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A Piece of My Heart

I didn’t have to give him my heart, it belonged to him!

When Vito passed he took a piece of my heart and I think that’s why my heart feels half full. It hurts but I know that comes from missing Vito so much and the love I have for him.

I’m doing my best, learning to live without him by my side but it’s a daily struggle. I have moments of happiness but for the most part I still feel broken.

I’m trying to focus on our love versus the pain….

Vito holds a piece of my heart, just as I hold a piece of his. Someday we’ll be together again and our hearts will be full. Our hearts will be one ❤️

Until then I’ll continue to hold space for him, talk to him daily and tell him everyday that he is my heart, my soul, my life, my love, my everything.


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