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Advent calendars are a great way to celebrate the holidays with your dogs. I started this tradition with Vito when he was a puppy and this is Luca's first Christmas countdown. Every night they sit and wait for me to open up that day’s box, when, what to their puppy eyes should appear, but two homemade cookies, one for each of my dears.

This year, I found myself without our regular advent calendar, so I did what any crazy dog mom would do, I rummaged through my craft bin, put on my creative hat and got to work. It’s amazing what you can make with a hot glue gun, a sharpie pen and lots of ribbon. We've received so many compliments on our advent calendar, I decided to share a mini version. This project is so easy, you can have it hanging on your wall in t-minus 21 minutes.

All you need:

Sharpie pen (or any black marker)

Mini Boxes

Burlap String or natural string

Ribbon, or tinsel or Christmas lights (if you feel like getting lit)

Start by writing the dates on your mini boxes.

Next, get your boxes ready to hang. Secure your box to the burlap string by making a knot, then assembling the box with the knot inside (as shown in the picture below).

Once your boxes are secure, tie them onto your ribbon or tinsel, and VOLIÀ, you're ready to hang your countdown calendar! Fill each box with your pups favorite treats and enjoy the memories you create this holiday season.

High Paws and Love,

Me, my doods and I


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