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Unleash the Fun: Dog-Friendly Summer BBQ Foods!

Is there anything better than firing up the grill for a summer BBQ? How about including your fluffy bestie in the festivities! Yes, you heard it right! This summer, let's paw-ty in style with a dog-friendly BBQ that will make your heart smile and your dog's tail wag with excitement.

A goldendoodle dog sitting next to a BBQ grill

Woof-Tastic BBQ Basics

First things first, when it's scorching hot outside, make sure your pooch stays cool with plenty of fresh water and shade. If you have extra space outdoors, maybe setup a few water toys to keep them cool. We have a few linked here.

Now let's face it, dogs might think they're the best chefs but when it comes to grilling, not so much. Keep your pup safe by making sure they steer clear of the hot grill. Safety first, folks!

Lastly, the most important rule when it comes to a dog friendly BBQ - DON'T feed your dog bones, particularly chicken bones. These can be a major health hazard if swallowed, as they can cause obstructions, splinter and/or lead to other complications. This also applies to corn on the cob. Eat the kernels, pass on the cob.

Safe Foods for Your Furry Pal 🐾

Now the best part - the food! Treat your dog to some BBQ delights. From grilled veggies to dog-friendly kebabs, there's a whole menu waiting to be devoured.

Always keep your pup's health and safety in mind before you let them start feasting. Avoid toxic foods like onions, grapes, chocolate and alcohol.

Here are a few dog-friendly BBQ foods for your dog to enjoy:

  • Lean Meat: Grilled chicken or turkey without seasoning is a paw-some choice.

  • Fish: BBQ salmon is an excellent pick. Be sure to remove the bones first.

  • Hot Dogs and Hamburgers: Since these have a higher fat content, feed in moderation. Cut into pieces and share as a small treat.

  • Veggie Delights: Sweet potatoes and zucchinis are yummy treats that your furry friend will love.

  • Fresh Fruit: Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple are delicious healthy snacks.

  • Frozen Treats: Beat the heat with some pup-friendly popsicles or make some homemade ice cream that you and your dog can enjoy together. If you need some ideas we've got a bunch of frozen dog treat recipes that have been paw approved by Luca.

So Let's Paw-ty!

Gather your friends, invite their pups and make this summer one to remember with a dog-friendly BBQ extravaganza. Be sure to capture the memories. Strike a pose with your pooch amidst the BBQ fun. Here's an on-the-spot caption idea: "Grillin' and chillin' with my best bud 🐾 #DogFriendlyBBQ." Because let's face it, life is better when shared with your four-legged companion.

High Paws and Happy Grilling,

Me, my doods and I


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