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When Does Time Heal All

Does time really heal all or do we just get stronger?

Next month, it will be one year without my boy. It’s been weighing on me and causing me anxiety. I don’t know why, but hitting the one-year mark just makes it feel real. Don’t get me wrong, I know Vito has passed on and isn’t coming back, but sometimes I like to think that he’s on vacation. Like a really LONG vacation. But with each day that ticks away, it’s starting to settle in, making it more real.

I’m still not ready for it to be real.

I don’t have a choice though. Time is going to move forward and my only option is to move forward with it.

I’m still waiting for ‘time to heal all’.

What I’m realizing though is that time doesn’t heal all. Things just get different and the life you once had takes on a new form.

I’m still learning to embrace my different life.

The first step to embracing my different life was understanding that just because I’m moving forward doesn’t mean I can’t take Vito with me. I’m moving forward with all the memories I have of Vito. I’m moving forward with the lessons he taught me about life. I’m moving forward with the love he instilled in my heart. I’m moving forward in time and as we turn the page on each new day, I know it’s one day closer to being reunited with my boy.


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