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With One Word, Everything Changed

A dog’s life is never long enough. Cherish every moment. Love them hard, everyday.

When I received the news about Vito I froze. I broke down. I panicked. Its crazy how quick your life can change when you hear one word, a word that holds so much weight - the C word. Immediately I was consumed with fear. I didn’t want Vito to see me cry so I closed myself behind a bathroom door, sat on the floor and cried. Within a few minutes I heard the pitter patter of little paws, it was Vito, followed shortly by Luca. Both plopped down right outside the door and patiently waited for me to open it. It was that moment I realized I had to let go of my fear. If I continued down that path, I would eventually lose strength. I couldn’t do that to my boys so I picked myself up and opened the door. Their little faces lifted from the floor and their ears perked up, instantly the two corners of my mouth turned up. I looked at Vito, into his big brown eyes and I found my strength.

A few day later I came across a quote that reads ‘Your greatest strength is love.’ It’s now posted on my nightstand, right above where Vito sleeps. Anytime I feel scared or worried or sad, I read this quote and I’m reminded that no matter what happens Vito is strong because Vito is love. Vito is strong because Vito has my love. Vito is strong because Vito is surrounded by love!

We may not be able change this, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We’re choosing faith over fear. We’ve eliminated the C word from our thoughts and our lives. We’re choosing to believe Vito is healed. We’re choosing life over anticipating what’s governed by fate. The most important lesson Vito has taught me is to live in the moment. Time is a gift. You can spend it living in fear of the future or you can spend it living happily in the present moment. We’re choosing to spend it being happy. We’re choosing to fill our days full of life and fill our moments full of love!


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