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This year I decided to turn my Christmas tree into a Valentine’s Day tree and it got me thinking about advent calendars. Why is it that we only countdown to Christmas and not any other holidays?

After I long talk with Vito and Luca, we decided to change that…

Celebrate the month of love by counting down the days to Valentine’s with your furever love. These Dog Valentines are a great way for you both to give and receive love all month long!



plastic heart containers

white paint marker

twine or string if you want to hang the

You can find plastic heart containers on Amazon or the dollar store.

Use a white paint marker to decorate the plastic hearts with cute dog sayings.

Fill the hearts with treats. Use string to hang them around your home or tree if you're doing a Valentine's Day tree. Gift one to your pup every day until Valentine’s or all month long :)

High Paws and Dog Valentines,

Me, my doods and I


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