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You’ve probably heard this before - A dog is the only living being that will love you more than he loves himself. Your fluffy companion lives to love and since your pup can’t talk, he communicates his love in unique ways. Here are 6 ways your dog says I love you!


Whoever said dogs don’t like to be hugged has never cuddled a dog. Yes, its true not all dogs like to snuggle - just like humans dogs have different love languages. If your dog likes to cuddle, this is one of many ways your dog might try to connect with you.

Eye Contact

Staring deep into your dogs eyes releases oxytocin, which builds trust and a maternal bond.

Burping in Your Face

Don’t get offended when your dog burps in your face, it’s a gesture of love.

Facial Expressions

Studies show that dogs have developed facial expressions that make your heart swoon! Does your dog ever capture your attention by raising his/her eyebrows and flashing those big puppy eyes? These facial expressions are your dogs way of communicating with you.

Lean on You

If your dog is a leaner, this is a sign he/she trusts you and knows you will always be there to support him/her.

Random Gifts

Next time your dog brings you a toy, a stick or (heaven forbid) a dead animal - stay calm, these little random gifts are your dogs way of telling you ‘I love you human’.

High Paws and Dog Love,

Me, my doods and I


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