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An Unbreakable Bond

Every relationship between a human and dog is different. Finding that special way to connect with your dog builds trust and deepens the love you have for each other. Even though each is unique, my love for Vito and Luca is the same. I'd do anything for my boys. Years ago when it was just Vito and I, I changed my lifestyle so he could have a better life. I traded in my high heel, designer shoes for yoga pants and my six figure income, for happiness. I swapped out trips to the salon, to trips to the beach, mountains, anywhere my car could take us. Watching Vito explore and experience life, has made me richer than any paycheck. Money comes and goes. Memories are forever!

Not much has changed since Luca came into our world. I put their needs before my own, just as a parent would do for a child. My thought is this - A dog's life is never long enough. And everyday they shower us with unconditional love. That kind love is the best gift anyone can ever receive. How can we show them this same kind of love in return? How can we make them feel loved every moment of everyday they have here on earth?

To honor National Love Your Pet day, I asked a few people on Instagram to share how they bond with their dogs. Below are their stories. You might want to grab some tissues, because you may get teary eyed. I know I did. I cried. I laughed. I felt the love that each one of these humans has with their dog and it is unbreakable!

@cookie_noodles: The bond I share with my girls is the thing I cherish the most in my life. They are completely different from one another and I have worked hard since day one to embrace each of their unique traits. Cookie thrives on alone time with me so I make sure to spend one-on-one time with her and remind her she’s my first baby. Noodles is my snuggle bunny, so at night we fall asleep cuddling with our noses touching. I love my girls more than anything and ensuring they know that every single day is my main priority.


@buttersmybagel: Every weekend we pick activities where the dogs can have fun! They know it’s a weekend and can barely contain their excitement all morning while we have breakfast and get ready for Dogs Day Out. They are so excited to be with us I don’t think they care what we are doing and I love how much they are up for any adventure! These dogs live to please and I live to make sure they have the most fun possible in their short and sweet lives.


@baileydoodle: One of our favorite ways of bonding with our dogs is by sharing the experience of bringing joy to others. This is not only during official pet therapy visits, but also during the course of our regular day - wherever we may be (the hospital, our neighborhood, running errands, traveling, etc.) There is nothing sweeter and more fulfilling than making someone smile and the fact that we can share that experience with our dogs is a true blessing!


@eggnogthebulldog: There is nothing more incredible than the love of a dog. I give them a humble home and they give me a lifetime of loyalty. I give them endless affection and they give me gracious gratitude. I give them my whole heart and they give me limitless love.


@bentleyfromtheburbs: Every morning Bentley and I have a snuggle sesh. Bentley sleeps in bed with us but when he hears my alarm clock go off in the morning he army crawls closer to me so we can cuddle. He’s almost 80 pounds but he wiggles he way right next to me and lays his head on my shoulder. I massage him and scratch him in all of his favorite spots. We do this for about 20 minutes or so. He kisses me on the lips a few times and if I accidentally fall back asleep he licks my hand to wake me back up. It’s our special time together. Without the distractions of my computer or my phone or the tv. Just quality bentley and mommy time.


@jaggerdwagger: Spending time outdoors off-leash, We go for hikes or beach walks, it’s “our time”, He loves it and while I let him go at his own pace I also make sure to insert games into that time, maybe a bit of fetch, I let him chase me, dance -yes we have a happy dance- and We also practice tricks and commands with treats to keep him engaged.


@harry_the_minidoodle: When I first got Harry, I felt like I needed to keep up with all of the accounts on Instagram and give him this extravagant lifestyle - all the newest and coolest accessories and an incredibly packed social calendar in order for us to bond and to make him happy. I’ve learned recently that Harry is just as happy spending an entire weekend at home snuggling on the couch and spending one-on-one time with me (or my husband). He’s perfected the art of snuggling, contorting his body into mine so that we’re basically one being. Every once in a while, he’ll look up at me mid-snuggle, stare into my soul (I swear), and just rest his head on my lap...which I like to think is his way of saying “I love you” and “thanks for taking me out to poop at 3 in the morning”.


@scoutgoldenretriever: I didn’t know how much I needed Scout until he came into my life. He has been my inspiration to live a life with less fear, he’s inspired me to love deeper with an open heart and he has helped open my eyes to see & appreciate the beauty in life’s simple pleasures like a walk on the beach, the feel of the grass on my feet and the sun on my face. Maybe life would be much more joyful if we stopped and rolled in the grass, frolicked like a silly dog when we feel the sand on our toes and enjoy giving more than we take. This is why I need him and why I love him so.

High Paws and Love Always,

Me, my doods and I


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