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They say Christmas is the season of giving. But what exactly does that mean? We spend months trying to find the perfect gift for our loved ones, in hopes that it will blow their holiday socks off, only to find out what they really wanted was store credit. Somewhere in the midst of merry and bright lights, we get lost in the purchasing of Christmas and we lose sight of the true meaning. Of course pretty packages under the tree are nice, yet the best gift you can give, is the one from your heart.

Christmas is a time to give love. And you know who does this year round? Dogs! They spread joy wherever they go. They live in the moment. They love unconditionally. The spirit of Christmas lives forever in their souls.

Whether you’re having yourself a merry little Christmas or a deck the halls, windows to the walls celebration, remember these little gifts from your dog…


Smiles are contagious and a dog’s smile is the best carrier. It’s impossible not to feel joy when a dog is grinning ear to ear. I encourage you to share your smile with a neighbor, co-worker or random stranger, you might just turn a few frowns upside down.


Let go of the past, you can’t change it. The future is unknown, so don’t dwell on it. Dogs don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow, they live in the here and now. They are focused on the current moment and living it to the fullest.


Love hard. Love without expectations. Love without judgement. The love your dog has for you is pure. He will love you regardless of your mood, your bad hair day or your fancy brand named sweater. Your dog loves you for you, your wicked cool self. It’s unconditional. It’s true love.

High Paws and Warm Holiday Wishes,

Me, my doods and I

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1 Comment

Michelle alpert
Dec 24, 2019

We are sending you three so much love and hugs over this Holiday season! Wishing you an amazing 2020 filled with more love than you can ever imagine:)

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