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Brotherly Love

Brothers…Related by love 🐾❤️

Before that last day ever arrived, I had already planned for the boys to enjoy one final puppuccino. I wanted Luca to share a special moment with his brother so he could remember all the happy things they did together.

The last time they shared a pup cup was around Christmas. Vito had finally recovered from his splenectomy and was cleared to go on long walks. Since he was the oldest, he got to pick our direction. He walked us to Luca’s favorite Starbucks. As I relive this memory in my head, I feel like this was Vito’s last Christmas gift to Luca.

Shortly after we learned that Vito had cancer, it was recommended that he be put on a special diet that was low carb and no sugar. This meant no more puppuccinos, no more trips to Starbucks with both my boys, and no more silly attempts from Luca trying to help Vito finish his pup cup. This meant no more pup cup moments.

When that last day came, Vito was weak and couldn’t walk, so my boyfriend ran to Starbucks and had to convince the store to give him two pup cups because they had just closed. When he got back, I held both their cups as they eagerly licked away. And with a smile on my face, tears in my eyes, I watched my boys share their final puppuccino together.

Click here to watch their last pup cup together.


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